We are the premier behavioral healthcare billing experts.

Verification of benefits. Utilization Review. Claims. Appeals. Legal support.


Real person communication


We treat your families like our own. We provide direct, real person communication with your families. 

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Bridgeway Billing
Persistence, passion & expertise


At Bridgeway, our insurance experts have better training, have more experience, and deliver superior results. We focus on the important details, required to maximize payment.

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Bridgeway Billing
Full service support


Some other insurance billers submit billing, while some manage appeals once a denial has been issued.  Few do both, and no others do it as well as us. Consultation, verification of benefits, utilization review, claims, appeals, data analytics and legal support.

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"They have helped us navigate these complexities, all the while focusing on professionalism, ethics, and transparency. Their understanding of insurance billing has resulted in increased payments ... and greater reimbursements to the families we work with."

~ Norman E. Thibault, PhD, LMFT

CEO Three Points Center & Three Points Academy

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