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Our attention to detail will help you to increase revenue, save you time and effort, strengthen your reputation, and endear your clients.

Real person communication

We treat your families like our own. We provide direct, real person communication with your families, so that you do not have to play the middleman. 

Traditional billing services make the program play middleman.  If a family has a billing related question, they ask the program.  The program then forwards the question to the billing company.  The billing company responds to the program, who then passes the answer back to the family.  

That is not an efficient way to operate, that is why Bridgeway professionals work directly with families from pre-admission to post discharge, making your program look amazing and allowing your staff to do what they do best--treat families.

Persistence, passion, and expertise

At Bridgeway, our insurance experts have better training, have more experience, and deliver superior results. We focus on the important details, required to maximize payment.

Our professionals are persistent and tenacious they fight for every day and every dollar. We maintain small caseloads, to ensure we can give your business the time and attention it deserves. 

We know the law, and we doggedly adhere to best practices and proprietary techniques. We also work to develop relationships of trust with insurances and case managers. The final result is more financial help for clients and dramatically higher revenue for your program.

Full service support

Some other insurance billers submit billing, while some manage appeals once a denial has been issued.  Few do both, and no others do it as well as us.

We handle the complexities of the utilization review process, leveraging years of experience in the field, first hand knowledge of the behavioral health and substance use treatment world, and data.

Our claims team fights for your client’s like they were family. We analyze data, and appeal to maximize claim payouts.


Our appeals team are experts in creating detailed written appeals, under the guidance of our in house attorney. If needed they can escalate to referrals to an outside attorney. Our strategic partnerships with attorneys specializing in denials result in greatly discounted legal fees for families.

Our attorney can also assist in reviewing documents, direct our team in respond to callbacks, provide a response letter to call backs for a small separate fee, and assist with other complications that may arise.

Included services:

  • Verification of benefits

  • Direct communication with clients or insurance holder

  • Utilization review

  • Single case agreement negotiations

  • Appeal coordination

  • Claims

  • Claim appeals

  • Medical records requests

  • Third party pricer rate negotiations

  • Claim analysis

  • Claim under payment appeals

  • Consultation

    • Training

    • Onboarding

    • Accounting

    • Clinical

    • Admissions

    • Others as needed

  • Data analytics

  • Access to database

  • Payer Demographic Updates (for out of network insurances)

  • ERA enrollment

  • EFT enrollment


Separate services:

  • Accounts receivable

  • Written appeal - flat rate 

  • ​Retro authorization for outside client

  • Initial credentialing

  • ​Re-credentialing​
Data Analytics

Our custom data analytics is included for all programs. We are able to organize your insurance data into understandable metrics, tracking average daily payments, denial reasons, insurance company averages and more. -We use our data analytics to maximize reimbursement, and utilization review results in text and edit me. It's easy.

We focus on the important details, required to maximize payment.

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